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Why You Should Write a Book

Writing a book is about more than getting published. You'll learn about yourself, too.

You should write a book. Yes, it's hard, the prospect of getting published can be daunting, but the process is worth the pain.

Here's why:

If you write it, you're the authority. Books help professionals establish themselves as thought experts in their fields. Write a book and show your peers that you are the authority.

You have something important to share with the world. Whatever your profession or station in life, your experience could provide comfort or educate another human being. If something is important to you, there's a good chance it will be important to someone else, and the best way to reach them is with a book.

Writing a book will change your life. Writing a book is so much more than trying to get on a bestseller list. The process will teach you about yourself, about what you hope the world will learn about you, and give you a newfound sense of confidence. The process will also make you mentally stronger to take on all sorts of challenges, not just writing assignments.

Writing a book is a major accomplishment! If everyone who said they were going to write a book actually did write a book, there would be a whole lot more books out there. Once you've completed a book, no one can take that accomplishment away from you.

If you're convinced you should finally write that book you always dreamed you would, how should you get started? Our team at In Ink can help with drafting a table of contents, storyboarding, plot development, and editing. We will coach you through the entire process, and if you decide you need a little more help, we're there for you. And when you're ready to get published, we'll find the right agents most likely to give your manuscript a look.

Are you ready? Contact us today, or email writing@ininkghostwriting.com

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