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How To Overcome Writer's Block

Looks like a case of writer's block. Fear not, there is a cure!

Writer's block can happen to anyone from seasoned veterans to freshly minted authors. One minute, you're cruising through an amazing piece of prose, the next minute your brain can't put two words together. Perhaps you're nervous about sharing your work with the world and hesitate to push forward. Or you may feel you don't have the time to put your words on the page. Whatever the reason, the struggle is real, but there are ways to deal with it.

By no means foolproof, the tips below have helped many writers overcome feeling stalled and get back to the write life. You may find that some suggestions work better than others. Do what works for you.

1. Step away from the computer. Sometimes a little distance from a project is enough to let you think about why you're avoiding writing in the first place.

2. Do something physical. Run, walk, dance, swim--anything that gets your blood pumping. Movement is good for all your muscles, especially your brain.

3. Turn off the Wi-Fi. Yes, you can do it! The temptation to take a break and check your Insta feed is a never-ending rabbit hole, and you know it. If you can't turn off the internet, at least log off.

4. Put your phone in another room. The very presence of a smartphone has been scientifically proven to reduce cognitive ability, according to a recent study published by the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Out, damned phone!

5. Get creative. Paint, crochet, hop on a potter's wheel--expressing yourself without words can help you find the words you need.

6. Deadlines! Sometimes this is the best motivator for overcoming writer's block. The very fact that you MUST have a piece of written work submitted by a particular time gets those creative juices flowing. If you don't have a deadline, create one and stick to it.

7. Hire a ghostwriter. Our team at In Ink is here to help with writing, editing, or coaching if you're really in a jam.

What do you do to beat writer's block? Do you get writer's block? Let us know!

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