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Give The Gift They'll Treasure: Your Story

The most meaningful present you could give your family is your story, elegantly told and bound between hard covers.

Why? A memoir is more than the simple chronological recording of life's events. It is the careful weaving of stories and memories, a bridge between past and present that will preserve a family history for generations to come. And the holidays are an excellent time to gather people together to swap stories and perhaps even unearth a secret or two.  What to do about painful memories? There is catharsis in revisiting difficult moments, but a memoir is an opportunity to come to terms and make peace with them. Happy memories, on the other hand, are easier to jot down. Both provide rare occasions to reflect deeply on days on by. How often have you heard friends and family lament that they wished a beloved aunt or cousin were still around to talk about their childhoods? Don't let your family stories be forgotten. Writing your memoir is easier than you think. Give the gift of a family memoir this holiday season. Contact us to get started. 

Confidential. Professional. Your Story. In Ink.

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