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Don't Write Your Book Like A Kardashian. Do This Instead

Ready? Let's get started. 

On a rerun of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," (Yes, we're fans here at In Ink, but that's another story.) Khloé was finalizing the manuscript of her book, Strong Looks Better Naked (Regan Arts, 2015) and her stress was palpable. “I’m spreading myself too thin with the app, the book — which is the biggest nightmare. I'm over it,” Khloé lamented to her less-than-sympathetic momager, Kris. As a businesswoman, Khloé had plenty on her plate already. Yet, as she later explained in an on-screen confessional, the book was the most important project in her life at that moment. Why? Her book would serve as a powerful tool to cement her brand identity and to position herself as an expert on personal transformation.

Still, agonizing over her manuscript was not the most productive use of her time. She could have hired a ghostwriter to write and edit the book while she attended to the important work of running her business.

Set yourself apart from the competition and establish yourself as a leader in your field: write your book, but let a ghostwriter handle the details.

How easy is it? Our team works around your schedule to craft your book in your voice. Our process is efficient and ensures your time is used productively. 

Looking for coaching tips on writing? We do that, too.

Need a literary agent? We know exactly what it takes to write a successful pitch.

Prefer to publish on your own? Our designers will help you craft a beautiful book. We've even got a team of publicists to promote your project.

Audiobooks? Translations? Writing in a language other than English? Yes, yes, and yes. 

When it comes to writing a book, In Ink has you covered--isn’t that the best piece of mind? 

We’re here to help. Contact us today. 

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